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Control Room Management
Enable your operations team to perform at their best....
Harness the Power of Your HMIs
The right information, presented the right way, allows process operators to respond quickly and correctly to process events...

Performance by Design

Acuitē is dedicated to helping process industry clients achieve superior results by optimizing the fit between people, technology and workplaces. Through the practical, principled application of human factors engineering and user-centered design techniques, we create tools and environments that allow your operations team to perform at their best.

Acuitē offers the Advanced Process Graphics™ HMI solution package for several major control system platforms, together with a comprehensive range of HMI Design services for DCS and SCADA systems, as well as workplace design services for operations and control centers of all sizes.

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Helping clients maximize the value of the human-machine interface (HMI) to the control system is our core business. Our Advanced Process Graphics™ (APG) HMI solution gives you the tools you need to create state-of-the-art operating graphics for your facility.

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Acuitē provides workshops and training that will enhance your team's scientific understanding of human performance issues in the process industries. Read More

We can show you how the decisions you make regarding your control center can improve the overall effectiveness of the building, improve operations performance, and even improve the effectiveness of your DCS graphics.

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