Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the books, papers, standards and regulations talking about applying Human Factors principles to your operator graphics, control room, alarms, procedures, shift handover, fatigue management .... ? Do you have questions about what this means for your operation, how best to implement these and were to start? A good starting point is one to three day workshop on the topics of interest. Acuite provides interactive workshops and training on human performance issues in the process industries. Workshops can be customized for your interests and conducted on site.

Workshops may be used as input to a decision about beginning a new project, or simply in an effort to educate your team on a topic of interest. We also frequently provide workshops at the commencement of a new project to help ensure that the entire team has a common understanding of the project goals and vision.


  • Human Machine Interface Design
  • Control room Design
  • Human Factors In the Process Industry
  • Operator Training for APG graphics
  • Procedures
  • Alarm Management
  • Example: HMI Workshops

    Our standard HMI Design workshop covers the following topics
    • Background History of HMIs in process control
    • Human Factors 101
    • Information Presentation
    • Information & Interaction Design
    • Special Topics such as overview of current guidelines and others as requested
    Contact us for more details or to customize a workshop for your needs
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