Assessments & Evaluations

Assessments are a great method to measure where your facility stands relative to industry guidelines, regulatory requirements, and best practices. The assessment results can be used in making decisions about whether to initiate a new project, or as a way of determining where to focus resources in updating an operations facility, updating or migrating operator HMIs, or improve the usability of a product.

Acuitē is currently offering a quick low cost mini-assessment of your current operating graphics. See how you measure up to the guidelines and learn where you have opportunities for improvement.


  • Operator Graphics Evaluation
  • HMI Alarms
  • Control Rooms
  • Control Room Management
  • Mobile Device HMI
  • Product/Software Usability

Example: HMI Evaluation

An HMI evaluation considers all of the major design elements that contribute to efficient and effective operations. Typically such assessments are performed on a small sample of a facility’s current HMIs, but comprehensive reviews of all HMIs in a facility can also be performed. This does require an on-site visit. Some of the factors considered include:
  • HMI information content
  • Structure and organization
  • Page layout
  • Use of color
  • Alarms and alarm symbols
This is just a partial list. Contact us for more details on HMI Evaluations Contact Us
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